We are welcoming the Fyur FlipN' Skip to the amazing line up of Fat Lip Bait Co. product. This jig was specifically designed for doing battle in harshest cover on your favorite fishery. The design features allow this jig to come in and out of hard cover, brush, stick ups and laydowns with ease. The propriety head design and compact profile allows this jig to skip effortlessly under docks and tight casting windows. As always we spared no expense to make this the strongest and most durable jig in your box. Lifes too short for regrets, try some today!



* Compact Proprietary head design ( semi-recessed line tie)

* Extra heavy weed guard

* Hand tied 55 strand premium silicone skirt

* Double wire hook keeper

* Custom powder coated & Epoxied heads

* 4/0 4X Strong Owners Zo Wire Hook

Fyur FlipN' Skip