Introducing the FURY BLADE. This bladed jig boast the highest quality componets in the game. Making it the strongest bladed jig on the market! Dont be fooled by the design in comparison to other bladed baits "like" it, they are simplily not in the same class. With our proprietary head design, this  jig startest it thumping blade action on the first handle turn and never stops. We've gone the extra mile with R&D to perfect the action of this bait. Fishing through grass and hard cover alike the FURY BLADE has the "it" factor to make it a premire lure in your blade bait arsenal!


*Coffin Style Blade

*Proprietary head design

* 50# Spro Power split ring

* Decoy Power Snap

*Hand tied 44 stand premium silicone skirt

* Double wire hook keeper

* Custom powder coated & Epoxied head

* 4/0 Owners Zo Wire Jungle Hook


Fury Blade